Re: NTLK Rebuilding your own 110/120/130 battery pack

From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 02:38:13 EST

Hi Mike & everybody else ...

> No one seems to have answered the gentleman's question from a couple

You're the first :)

> The answer is yes. The voltage of a NiCd cell is determined by the

Thank you for the explanation. My chemistry combined with electrical
science is a bit rusty, haven't done anything like that since I'm out
of school ;)

>boy oh boy does that thing last forever.

Forever in this case is about 20 hours of continuous use, if being
switched on would mean 'use'. I put them into the Newton at about 8
at night, then played around with it a bit, set up e-mail and
connected a few times using an external GV modem and then just left
the Newton on, preventing it from sleeping. At about 4 PM the
following day it decided to switch off after I got a message (which I
didn't see at the time) that I should change batteries. Pretty good
mileage, if you ask me.

So long, everybody!

Chris Ruprecht *
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