From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 02:43:18 EST

Hi Grant,

>My new 6 meg Intel card worked find for a couple of days. But suddenly I
>am getting a -10557 error every time I try to do anything. My Newton
>tells me there is no card installed. I have taken out the card and put
>it back in. No luck. Still unrecognizable.
>Thanks for any help.

This is the second incident I have seen that there is something flaky
with these 'cheap' cards - and it worries me a bit, since I have just
bought 3 of them.
Can anybody shed some light on this? Are these cards not supposed to
be used like what we are doing with them? Could it be that they don't
like being written to, too often? (Ok, these are wild speculations,
but then, computing is an exact science, right ** Grin ** :).

Best regards

Chris Ruprecht *
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