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From: Pete Nalda (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 16:28:51 EST


You make some good points about the palm platform. I've been bouncing back
and forth ever since I've gotten my mp2k back from my mom.

Here's my take. I'm visually impaired and so the thing I like most about
the newt is text to speech. However, in names I can't no way read the phone
numbers so I have to keep hitting the speak text button until I memorize the

On the palm os I use teal lens which is like a magnifying glass for the
screen. You can't edit when it's running but ok for viewing. Grafitti's
actually pretty easy for me, as I almost do it by feel.

Now on the wished list for the palm. Bigger screen, TTS, Bigger fonts for

So here's where I'm at, like you I love my newt but I've got a pretty
scratched screen, still looking for an interconnect cable, and am too
worried about available sw.
"Egun On Lagunak!!"

Pete Nalda
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From: Wally Rodriguez <>
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Date: Monday, January 10, 2000 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: NTLK Bring back the Newton? [PRETTY LONG]

>Hello all:
>Happy New Year.
>I am writing these as words of hope, not to elicit flame mail or to
>other's opinions. I have owned every Newton ever made, including a
>transparent one. I also have and still use my 2100 often, although not
>day anymore.
>The machine is a gem, it's sleek, useful and now it's discontinued. It's
>becoming harder to get support, new software, even to buy old software.
>A few months ago my dad, who uses one every day in his medical practice (he
>actually makes notes in Spanish with it with great success) gave me a
>PalmVx. I was appreciative, but asked where he got it just in case I might
>want to return it.
>I decided to give it a fair try by not using my Newton at all, only the
>PalmV. I then began an exhaustive search for software that would fit the
>bill for others I was using on the Newt. The packages are:
>- JfilePro for database (no graphical layout as in NewtDB, but synchronizes
>with FileMaker, a long-standing need)
>- TealDoc and others for document readers
>- ProxiWeb and Avantgo for web navigation
>- MultiMail Pro for POP and IMAP email
>- QuoVadis for mapping and GPS tracking
>- ListMaker for hierarchical (sp?) lists
>- Didlebug for quick notes and reminders
>- TinySheet as a small spreadsheet
>- TC Calculator to calculate Timecodes and frames (for video projects)
>- Dateman for Dates, etc.
>- Cryptinfo for encrypted ID's and Passwords
>There are various other plug-ins and utilities such as a telnet client and
>This combination, which represents a relatively large investment in
>software, (almost all of which was trialware first) has worked pretty well
>for me. The screen size is a pain and graffiti has not been much fun, but
>I'm used to it now. The little machine has become very useful, especially
>due to the fact that I can carry it with me much more often than my Newton.
>Then something happened that sweetened things considerably...
>Just two weeks ago I received the new Omnisky Minstrel V modem which is in
>beta test at this time. The modem works over CDPD and allows any IP
>application, including all the PalmVII web clipping apps to work wirelessly
>with the PalmV. Now this is cool! I was able to check flight schedules
>during a particularly busy holiday trip, get my email, synch Avantgo check
>on my regular web pages and even track a missing FedEx shipment of an
>important present.
>So the question is whether the Palm replaced my Newton. To be honest, it
>in most respects, but I still carry them both in my bag along with a
>camera and GPS.
>I use them all at one time or another for business or pleasure. There is no
>cooler thing than being able to be on set, shoot some pictures for
>reference, load them into the newt and e-mail them to my assistants for
>immediate work on a project. NewtDB is still my DB of choice and I use it
>everyday plus the Newton keyboard has allowed me to type complete project
>treatments and proposals while on the run. I grab the Palm when I'm doing
>errands, going to a meeting or other quick things. When I really want to be
>mobile I take the RexPRO, which is also very cool too and dresses up well
>(except no Mac tools).
>But when the going might get rough or I need some extra firepower, the
>Newton is the tool of choice. My laptop usually stays at work, period.
>We don't have to shoot down one platform for another. They can all get
> wrote:
>> Find us all a replacement. I for one am lost. I've driven the
>> cadillac, I really don't want a volkswagon now.
>Wally Rodriguez
>Dir. of Visual Effects, FireWorks Motion Media
>vox) 305.443.8680 "Life is an Illusion" fax) 305.443.7714
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