NTLK Still silence? Are you really Apple users?

From: Francesco Ventimiglia (francoventimiglia@iol.it)
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 14:36:38 EST

Hi Apple NewtonTalk newsgroup friends,

I repeat: have you seen Apple?
Maybe better: have you "ever" seen Apple?

None in this, perhaps tired, Apple Newton newsgroup, apart an italian
friend of mine, Roberto Ferrucci, wrote
about the unbelievable things Apple is doing for the next generations,
for all the people, for all the world.
Have you seen Apple site (it's still and always http://www.apple.com)?
Are these things so difficult to understand?
I live in Venice (Italy) and I saw the "Frisco" Macworld Expo only over
the Net by QuickTime, but I cried, I
really cried listening Steve Jobs!
Are you forgetting Newton is an Apple product?
Did you really realize the wonder of Newton, this extraordinary object
of the desire, this still unbeaten and
unbeatable tech marvel existing "since 1993"?
After having written to Apple, to Steve Jobs itself, I obtained "a new
Newton" only last year "directly from Apple
Canada" thanks to another wonderful person, miss Debra Kapelanski.
Newton and Mac changed my life.
Apple is great, it's fantastic, it's one of the rare true and important
realities still remaining in this horrible world
dominated by wars, money, violence and, mainly, stupidity.
As my friend Roberto, I sent a copy of this message to Steve Jobs and to
We all must thank Apple.
We all must write to Steve.
Not only about the sacrosanct waiting for the introduction of the ...
"iNewton" but, above all, in order to thank
Apple for what it is doing trying to save this poor world.
What kind of world it should be without Apple?

Thanks Apple, thanks Steve and happy 2000

An humble and happy Apple user

Francesco Ventimiglia

P.S. Newton and Mac forever

Francesco Ventimiglia
via G.B. Cima 1/1
30174 Venezia-Mestre
tel/fax: ++39 (0)41 972 781

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