Re: NTLK Still silence? Are you really Apple users?

From: Anthony G. Anton III (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 18:24:59 EST

Keith Isley wrote...

>I was watching an interview once with Marina Sirtis, the lady who portrayed
>Deanna Troi on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." In response to a
>particularly silly Trek-fan question, she leaned over to the interviewer and
>said, in a confidential tone:
>"It's just a television show. It's not real."
>I love Apple products, too, but Apple IS just a computer company.
>Their job is to put out great products, not to save the world or be a
>I love my Newt, but when it dies, I'll move on to something else. Life goes
>on. I'd rather put the effort into raising my kids right and doing my job
>the best I know how. Computers are just tools to help us do things better.
>Just my two cents. Now I'll go put on my fireproof suit for all the flame

Heretic! Burn 'im!

Actually, I agree with you. I screwed up and allowed my Newton 2000 to
become an aerodynamics experiment on the roof of my car. I considered
buying a replacement but found I just couldn't justify the going rate for
a dead product. Damn thins are too good and none of you philantropists
will sell me one cheap. :) I reverted back to my 130 and am waiting for
whatever comes next. I have tried the Palm Pilot (3 different models) and
can't bring myself to buying one because it just isn't good enough...for
me. While my 130 continues to chug, whir, buzz and click along I am more
likely to put "Newton" dollars into a hotter laptop, desktop or
development tools.

Like it or not, the Newton (as we currently know it) is dead. Apple ain't
doin' nuttin' wid it and they won't sell it off to let anyone else. This
is actually the most disappointing aspect of the Newton story for me.
Apple doesn't seem to be doing much with the technology in the current or
future OS. They have their hands full pulling OS X off successfully.
Consequently my very uninformed (at least no less than just about anyone
else) conclusion is that the technology is good enough that Apple fears
it could come back to haunt them by competing with a future product of
their own OR, by letting the technology live its own life threatens the
ability of Apple to cut other deals.

In the meantime, this continues to be a very valuable information and
"community" resource that I have referred a bunch of folks to and am
always thanked for doing so. Thank you to all the non-lurkers who make
this a valuable resource.

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