NTLK missing packages...any hope?

From: Steve Vander Ark (vderark@bccs.org)
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 19:42:09 EST

I have a slight problem. It's no great disaster, but it's a bit of a bummer.
I bought a used copy of iambic software's Paperpack a year or two ago and
installed the various stationery types on my 120. I really liked a couple of
them, particularly the memo and the two-column, but since heap was
frightfully limited on the 120, I took them off and tucked the software

But now...I have a 2100. Heap concerns? Schmeap concerns. I can load every
program I ever dreamed of on this puppy and it hums along (literally, when
the backlighting is on). And the other day I discovered the manual for my
PaperPack software in a drawer. I prompty dug further to find the disk.

No dice. I have no idea where that disk may have gone. Okay, to be fair, my
desks (home and school) aren't exactly, uh, tidy. So the disk is maybe
somewhere under this stuff or that stuff or who knows where. But the point
is, I can't find those packages anywhere. I checked the web site and to
replace it I'd have to kick in forty bucks. That's not possible. So I'm a
little bummed.

Has anyone had any experience asking a publisher for replacement disks or
replacement packages? Is there any point in my emailing Vidal or has he
moved on from the Newton so completely that he wouldn't care to help out?
Has anyone had any recent contact with Vidal or with anyone else from
iambic? There was a time (when I was the sysOp of the GEnie Newton RT) when
I chatted with him on a fairly regular basis, back in the heady days of the
Newton 100 and 110. Boy, that seems like a long time ago...

Steve Vander Ark
Library Media Specialist
Byron Center Christian School
Byron Center, Michigan

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