NTLK NTLK: Switching and stuff

From: Pete Nalda (lpnalda@bga.com)
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 20:04:44 EST


Folks today I'm throwing in the towel for my newt experience. After trying
to find a cable here in Austin TX, and not coming up with anything but a
rigged mac serial cable and then NCU still not connecting (dropped because
there was no response), and even running slowdown, I'm done for. I needed
really bad to synch my names with schedule + or something on my desktop
(Win98) and to be able to get docs and apps onto the newt. Anyway if
anyone's interested and close enough to come look at the newt (it's screen
is pretty scratched, but useable). I've got it and all it's accessories FS
I have the keyboard, both rechargeable and plain battery cages, ac adaptor
and finally two 4mb cards and 1 2mb card. I'll let it go for $400 obo.

This is sad but I think it'll be too hard to get apps and parts as time goes
on and I hate giving up Text to speech, bigger screen and real inet
connectivity but the synch is so easy with the palm and avantgo is pretty
cool too.

"Egun On Lagunak!!"

Pete Nalda
icq #39399612

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