NTLK Bringing Back the Newton

From: Khaled Tewfik (khaledt@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 17:50:19 EST

> have always felt, since
>the day it was announced, that we just sat back and took it like a bunch of
>whimps!! I am sorry, but that is how I feel. I remember reading the posts.
>It was like a bomb that just wiped us out, no fighting back. Now I know more
>went on behind the scenes, but I think it is pathetic that thy dropped the
>Newton like they did.

I absolutely agree that the Newton community did nothing in
response to Apple's decision to kill the Newton platform.

And I am happy with the idea of gathering our troops on a web site before
storming the castel. However, I think that the
fact is that there is not enough of us to force things. It seems that Apple
did not sell as many Newtons as it thought necessary, and after the demise
many jumped ship and switched platform almost instantaneously. There was not
enough of us to show up at MacWorld and wave our Newtons in
Defiance (even though in Expo July 1998 Newtons attached to scanners were
at every booth and at every Workshop entrances to register attendees, but it
seemed that I was the only one in the crowd with a Newton in his hand).

I hope you can find and coordinate like 30000 of us to knock at Apple's door
and flood their mail boxes.

Count me in if you are up to the task. I will be adding my vote "I" once the
vote site is up and ready.


Khaled Tewfik,
Saudi Arabia
>From the desktop of a good ol' Macintosh PB 1.4k
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