NTLK Bringing Back the Newton

From: Bill Moser (guillermo1967@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 02:11:48 EST

>As for Apple's direction, I can't see why they don't see the
>advantages of using OO in a PDA again. Now, if they would implement
>MacOS X Lite (and Cocoa, which is heavily based on the NeXT OpenStep
>OS) on a PDA device, that's a start.. Maybe, thought Cocoa I'm sure
>is *much* more complicated an OO system than Newtonscript is (Cocoa
>being for a "traditional" OS after all).

>My 0$.002

Just for the record, the Palm OS *is* object-oriented (you use C++), which
isn't that different from Newtonscript on the surface.

The idea of a Unix-based PDA is not new (someone got the Linux kernel
running on a Palm Pilot not long ago), but the idea of running X Windows or
Mac OS on something that small is laughable. Why that would be like putting
Windows on a handheld (oooooopps!).

Apple would doubtless do a better job, but Windows CE is the one area where
Microsoft is getting beat at its own game. A desktop GUI does NOT work well
on a handheld, and this is one area where Apple doesn't need to follow MS's

Bill M.
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