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From: MYQ Y. Q. LARSON (MYQ@cc.usu.edu)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 00:03:31 EST

Ok, so my failure to follow along with the threads leads to me asking a
question I know has been asked before:

What do people use/recommend for organizing passwords? It's becoming crazy
with 5 credit/debit cards each with a pin, every site I visit on the net seems
to need a pass/login, and then there are my critical accounts such as my email
account, VMS account, etc etc etc.

My traditional approach has been to assign a password to groups of accounts
based on security levels (i.e. a single password to most net sites that I don't
really care about or may never visit again) and so on. But with PINs and
everything else, my brain is melting. And then people recommend you CHANGE
your passwords every few weeks!

So, here's what I've thought of so far:

passkeep from sine of the times for $15 (still supported? any good?)

notepad encryption such as supernotepad or others (? any more) and creating a
folder with each note having the password and descriptions and encrypting it

Doing the same with names and use the cardmedia freeware to design something I
can use and then encrypting names (I think there's a pkg to do that).

Using the plain vanilla password requirement on startup for the MP and just
storing them in notes or a works spreadsheet.

Finding a program that has some security built in that wasn't designed for it.
For example, QuickFigure pro I think has some sort of password protection built
in for it's workbooks. I could then make a list in there and just password
protect it. But does it encrypt?

Basically, I'm not too worried about someone making a concerted effort to get
at my passwords (my life isn't that interesting or important when it comes to
passwords). So I think a simple deterant such as a power-on password or QF Pro
type password would work even if it's not encrypted. Hey, most people haven't
even heard of Newton let along know how to dig around in unencrypted soups to
find passwords! The power-on idea I don't like because I only want to enter
the main password if I really need to.

Any ideas? What are YOU using to manage your passwords?

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