Re: NTLK Bringing back the Newton?

From: ken (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 11:54:59 EST

Hey all,

> I don't really consider the Newton's form factor to be one of the
> "clunkers that killed [it]". In fact, it's form factor is one of the
> reaosns I still use it. Dual PCMCIA slots, big screen. I think the lack
> of a small alternative was a problem, but even then the mp2k was selling
> pretty reasonably from what I hear. It was definitely selling above
> Apple's expectations.

Well, it all hinges according to the user's needs. I moved from the MP2K to
a Palm V with 8mb upgrade. Plenty of storage space, quick response to name
etc searches, and tons of shareware. But I just got tired of the small
screen, the crazy Graffiti and lack of expansion options.
I think that my shift over to this platform made me so much more aware of
what I can do with the Newton. Gopi is right, the 2 PC card slots that the
MP2K has is one of its winning design factors.
Wish the shareware base were bigger though, but then again, most of the
great apps are already out there..

I dont think Apple will bring back the Newton project, no matter how many
emails or web sites we set up. Just too much baggage I guess. Best we can
hope for is that at least some of its great features will be included..


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