Re: NTLK Bringing back the Newton?

From: NewtonOz (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 18:09:40 EST

Your eM@il from on 1/13/00 2:21 AM said this:

>I think there's very little chance that this would happen. It is much more
>likely (and I think far more productive for anyone wanting to revive the
>technology) that Apple will use some of the better unique features of the
>Newton on a PalmOS based device.
>I like some of the Palm's features but I'd really be excited with a unit
>that used the Rosetta HWR system (and had the HWR as tightly integrated as
>the Newton does), had the ability to launch apps straight out of flash RAM
>(the TRG boards in Palms are clumsy alternatives to flash storage at best),
>and could do sound recording and text-to-speech. I suppose I could live
>without a word processor, but Newton Works is very handy.
>Apple has the expertise to do a SUPERB handheld, without the original
>clunkers that killed Newton (the -10061 bug, too large a form factor, bad
>desktop connectivity).

Yes, I agree.

Rosetta is the key.

Once you use a NOS2.0 system's handwriting, Graffiti is really hard to
get used to. A bunch of people at MacWorld were telling me that Palm is
getting sued a lot for "messed up handwritting" from users that use thier
Palm too much. I also heard from a guy there, that someone is claiming
brain damage from Graffiti! Sheesh!

I do know one thing for sure. NewtonOS has CLEANED UP my handwriting.
Anyone else who agrees with me, raise your hand!


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