Re: NTLK Bring back the Newton?

From: markr13 (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 19:33:52 EST

>On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 wrote:
>> As for the death of the Newton--I am willing to advance my own conspiracy
>> theory. You all remember that $100 million dollars that Apple got from
>> Microsoft? Microsoft pledged to continue supporting the Mac. Where would
>>the world be with out IE and Word?
>From what I remember of the $100 million "investment" between Apple and
>MS, it wasn't an investment at all, but rather a settlement from a
>long-standing lawsuit between the two (I believe over the Windows GUI
>resembling the Mac). I can probably dig up an old news article if you
>-----Victor Rehorst

Actually, it was $150 MM and that was just an investment in non-voting
shares. This was just a cover for a much larger, undisclosed amount to
pay for the cross-licensing of all patents up to that point between
Microsoft and Apple. This payment also settled the lingering patent
litigation that Apple had going against Microsoft for years. Steve
actually cut an only fair deal at best. He knew that Apple desperately
needed Microsoft's Office products to survive and that time had about run
out on Apple and its misfortunes. He needed the PR of Bill Gates
publicly supporting Apple and the Mac platform at that moment if Apple
was to survive at all.

Mark Ross

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