NTLK Bring back the Newton?

From: Prentiss.Gray@gecits.ge.com
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 13:21:44 EST

Guys, I too love the Newton but it's not comming back. Niether is the Edsel
or the Tucker. All great, far seeing products and all were discontinued for
lack of buyer response. The Newton was umatched in it's category, but not
enough people bought them. Writing to Jobs or setting up a web site will be
a valiant and brave effort, however it's doomed. You know what brought
Apple back from $17 a share, a product that sells like hotcakes! If you
want to get the newton into production again you need to do more than
complain, plead or build a sharp website. You need to have a plan that will
make someone money. A plan for a profitable venture. That is what gets
products started and keeps them going. Sharp will build you a Newton right
now, all you have to do is order a thousand. Don't waste your time whining
to Steve, build a creditable plan and sell it!
Consider Steve's position. He needs to build stock holder confidence, why
would he re-enter a market jamed with products that sell better than the
Newton ever did. Any plan needs to address his(Apple's) needs, not your's.
Your best bet on this is to create a company like Newton inc. and buy the
rights to the Newton. But again, don't bother starting a company that won't
make enough money to keep going. All of the Newton talker's surport is
fervent! I just hate to see that support wasted on a deaf ear. Maybe it's
time look ahead, after all who knows more about working with these devices
than you. Find us all a replacement. I for one am lost. I've driven the
cadillac, I really don't want a volkswagon now. (no offence intended to
owners of excellent german cars)
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