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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 20:35:08 EST

Your eM@il from on 1/12/00 1:45 PM said this:

>I would actually suggest that there is a much better alternative to
>attempting to revive the Newton - and then update it so that it supports
>what are now standard flash cards, among all sorts of other things.
>Rewrite it. Most of the innovation on teh Newton came from the UI design
>and from the concepts embodied in it. Take those same ideas and produce
>another device that blows the Newton away. So much of the Newton's
>architecture is so complex, and the people who truly understand the
>innards are all ove rthe place now. I believe that the effort in bringing
>the Newton forward to a current device in terms of increased hardware
>support, Java, etc. etc. would be comparable to starting over using the
>things learned by the Newton team as a framework. Better IP stack, higher
>speed comms, synchronization, pre-emption at the NewtonScript level,
>better support for porting C++ apps from other platforms, those are all
>things that are really needed.
>Just MHO, as a llong time Newtonite, still using an upgraded 2000. I'm
>also a CS major.


Lots of the technologies/services on the Newt that were really cool back
in 1993 are now being rolled into desktop OSes and the like.

What's really unique about the Newt, is the interface. Always was the
greatest strength.

I don't think Apple would lose any face if they grafted the Newton
interface onto some other kernel.

At this point, bringing it back would be a miracle. What we should now
hope for is another PDA with an interface similar to Newton. Who knows,
they could be working on that right now.


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