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Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 08:45:43 EST

>From: (Karl Maftoum)
>I've just recently subscribed to this list, and I must say I am very
>impressed to see the newton community still alive and well!
>I currently own a MP130, with 2x2mb cards and a modem, which I purchased
>about 6 months ago, which I use constantly on a day-to-day basis. Before
>which I owned a MP110 which I had for a few months and also did stirling
>service, so you could say I am fairly new to the newton scene!
>I was quite impressed with a friend's newton, and so I went out to
>specifically purchase one (second hand of course) rather than go Palm,
>and the newton also fits perfectly as I was after something more portable
>than a laptop, but more powerful than just an organiser, so I'm very happy
>with the newt.
>A quick question however :- Is it possible to purchase an MP2000 screen
>relatively cheaply? I think I can obtain an MP2000 with a broken screen
>(but otherwise ok), cheaply and I can certainly do the replacement myself
>(with instructions of course :-) ) but is it cost-effective to go this

Best way to go is to purchase that unit and then send it to Apple in
Memphis, TN. For the flat rate of US $180 plus some shipping you get
EVERYTHING fixed, screens, dongles, clips, hinges, doors
They even send you a shipping case.
800-767-2775 (best phone number I've found)

Apple Computer
US Customer Service
3790 Knight Road
Memphis, TN 38118

If you need to get it shipped to/from a US address, I could help you out,
but I think there's someone on the list who actually lives in Memphis.


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