Re: NTLK Help with desktop PIM and 2100, please

Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 08:45:39 EST

>To: (
>I am coming back to the Newton strong after 2 years of spotty use. I am
>currently mothballing my Mac (Quadra 800) and using my Pentium machine
>for much of the daily grind. One think that I am real need of is the
>organization of 100s of contact. I really need them under finger at a
>moments notice. I would like any input on desktop PIMs for both the Mac
>and PC as well as the Newton. More importantly, I need solutions for
>transferring the data back and forth. Any thought on RCU? On NCU?
>thanks in advance

I really liked how NCK handled synchronization with both the mac and pc
in system 1.3. For system 2.0, RCU can do pretty much the same as NCK
but requires a lot more manual intervention. I'd love to be able to synch
with NCU but haven't figured out how.

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