Re: NTLK eMate Stylii Available at Smalldog

From: Loren Finkelstein (Loren@Finkelstein.Net)
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 19:30:59 EST

Do you know what they look like? Who makes (made them)? Do they fit in a
MP2x00 slot, or are they more of a separate digital writer type stylus?


on 1/16/00 1:07 PM, System Support Products, Inc. at

> Hi all,
> I thought some on this list might be interested in this offer I
> received in a mailing from Small Dog:
> +---------------------------------+
> I think we have the world's largest supply of eMate stylii. While these
> pens were originally designed for the Apple eMate, they work great with
> MessagePads, Palm Computers, and any of the new breed of PDAs. Might be
> handy to keep around. We've got two different offerings:
> eMate 300 Replacement Stylus 24-pack (multi-colored) - $7 for a 24-pack
> OR
> eMate 300 Stylus Single (original) - normally $5 each but since I have a
> megazillion of 'em I'll send you 6 of 'em for $9!
> +---------------------------------+
> Small Dog is at <>. My only relationship
> to Small Dog is as a satisfied customer.
> Regards,
> - Lou Forlini
> Software Engineer
> System Support Products, Inc.

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