Re: NTLK Not Bringing Back the Newton

Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 22:03:50 EST

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>Newton is obsolete.
>Do not encourage Apple to bring back Newton. Encourage Apple to
>produce a new, better, Newton inspired, non-PalmOS palmtop portable.

Newton is a technology not a product. The MessagePads are the products.

Nobody want the MessagePad 2100 back, especially 2 years after its

And the Newton (i.e. the technology) is still years ahead of every single
other technology on the market today.

The Newton does NOT need file management apps, while the Windows CE
Palm-sized machines which do not have a standard file management app
generated a whole bunch of such third party utils.

The Newt has integrated natural cursive or print HWR, others only have
shape recognition (even WinCE Jot is no more than that) as standard.
Calligrapher for WinCE is an add-on and far from being as elegantly
integrated as when on the MP's.

The Newton has a soup data structure that allows for hot (instant) mounting
and displaying of data.

The Newt has no such things as computer related "file open", "File save",
etc. but more natural ways of accessing information. In other words other
systems are apps and file based* whereas the Newton is information based.

ALL other systems display found files in a _tiny_ area of a much larger
screen, whereas the Newton uses the max display area possible; and browsing
those found data is a breeze! Still unmatched.

I could fill countless lines of such statements. And we all know them.

It's just that the more I use my faithful Newton and _other_ obsolete
systems (desktop), the more I appreciate those advances in the Newton

No wonder the Newton OS 2.0 was awarded Best of Comdex 1995 in the OS
category. Win95 was a much improved version (whether one despises it or
likes it); there was a Solaris OS in competition too, but it was
wonderfully natural, easy and powerful Newton OS that was awarded Best of
Comdex! And it's still far ahead of anything on the market today.

Of course people want up-to-date products!

And the Newton technology is still the best paradigm!

Newton grafted since 1994
Lausanne, Lake Geneva Area, Switzerland

*= apps and files, a system that has NOT evolved since the early days of

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