Re: NTLK Necesito ayuda, help!!!!

Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 21:15:28 EST

Bill Davis wrote:
> I'm not sure even a total hard reset/brainwipe will get past the
> password. I sure hope not, otherwise what's the use of the password?

The point of the Newton PIN is to prevent unathorized access to your data, not to prevent use of the Newton. If a brainwipe is performed, then there is no danger of your data being accessed. If the device is stolen they could go to the extreme of replacing the flash memory if they really wanted to use it (in the case that the PIN is not even cleared on a brainwipe). Regardless, it wouldn't be hard to write a newton program to be put on a memory card to break the PIN security measure.

Btw, many cell phones have secret codes which can bypass their security. I was a little annoyed when I discovered this about my Nokia 6185 (try *3001#12345# then select Security). Nokia probably should have had the 12345 part be the SPC instead.


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