Re: NTLK Necesito ayuda, help!!!!

From: Sunder (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 15:10:13 EST

dave's not here wrote:

> However, I know it can be done. I met one of the original WebTV guys.
> He happened to be an old Newton guy and had a special, Apple card
> that let him get into my machine and reset the password. If you can
> find one of those cards...

Doesn't sound super special. I suppose if you knew the exact soup where
the pin number was kept, you could write the right Newtonscript and make
it a packages that zaps it as soon as the package initializes. Then you
could stick that on any card, and when the Newt initializes the new card,
it would zap the PIN.

The special part is knowing the soup and the right object to reset. :)

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