NTLK Squiggles, a definitive answer

From: Sam Powell (sam.powell@cwcom.net)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 09:59:00 EST

I am stuggking tobwrite this (I have resorted to using the on-screen
keyboard atvthis point) on mu Newton which is in the midst of a bout of
squiggles that has been going on forva couple of days: rendering my Newton
useless. Yesterday I did a backup-reset-restore cycle which cured the
problem for only a few minutes.

Many people have opinions on the cause of the squiggles but I find it hard
to beliebe that no-one has a definative answer regarding the cause, and
ergo solution.

Some people have reported that a replacement Screen solved the problem,
others have said that the problem re-occured after having had a screen
replaced. Some say that manipulating lle system soup Solves the
problem,(what exact manipulation is required? nobody seems to tell me this
.) otters say that Prefs cleaner helps, I used it to no avail.

Someone on comp.sys.newton.misc discussed interference from R F sources, I
e-mailed him to further discuss this but I could nor get a reply.

My questions:

How many people experience this problem?
How do they Solve it?
Is there no answer from Apple?
In what way do people manipulate the system soup?
How does the digitising tablet work?
Similarily: how does the backlight work?

Any other information regarding this?


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e-mail: sam.powell@cwcom.net
web: come.to/thepicarchive

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