Re: NTLK Not Bringing Back the Newton

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 07:26:16 EST

Sorry Kenny,
  I do not think Newton is obsolete, it is still better than any others I've
used just that putting the MP2100 back into production is taking a side step
and what we should be looking forward to is a Newton MP2250 with all thise
new features we would all like to have.

Wishful thinking Robert. I know the Newton is not obsolete, but if it is not going to be furthur developed, I see myself moving on when my demands increases, eg. bigger storage media (Linear Cards are limited), a more efficient battery (like my cellular's lithium), Earphone jack, build-in modem, color screen (I store visual reference but now it's l6 shades in PhotoShow) and when something better comes along. I can't see it happening with either the PalmOS or windowCE.

I doubt Apple will revive the Newton. Too much damage is already done. I'm not keen on another PDA that sport an OS that is already out there for a PDA. Psion has a lot going for it, but I HATE a keyboard in a PDA. I want it as an option.

But I have a feeling we will see the Newton's superior handwriting recognition appearing sometime in Apple's future product line. Why else is it in cold storage. If there is one feature I can have in a future PDA, it will be this.

Meantime, my MP2K is still serving me well though I sometimes lust over the hardware features of the many new PDAs I see in Pen Computing every month.

Kenny Song
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