NTLK Re: newtontalk V1 #217

From: John Liu (johnliu@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 02:08:38 EST

Oh, not soaking the Newton -- I mean letting the wiped-on Armor-All
penetrate into the rubber skin, as opposed to wiping it on and immediately
wiping it off. You know, like you'd do with a bumper.

Yes, I am not positive how slick a writing surface I really want. But my
screen was getting to have a "scrapey" feel to it. I would guess it was
worse off than most Newton screens, since I (like you?) used it for 2 years
of full-time classnotes -- writing on the screen four to six hours a day,
five days a week -- and never put on a protector. I figure eventually the
Armor-All will wear off and at some point the screen "feel" will be
perfect. Kind of like how one's hair is too short right after a haircut
and too long a couple months later, but perfect during some period in between.

>> I thought my MP2000 was looking kind of punk so I carefully applied some
>> Armor-All to the case and screen. Let it sit for a while to soak in and
>> wiped off the residue. Result: the case feels a little slicker and looks a
>> little newer, maybe -- not a big difference. But the screen! -- it had
>> looked dull, with fine scratches building up to a light haze in places (I
>> don't use a protector). Now it looks much nicer -- bright, shiny, smooth,
>> no haze, almost no scratches visible. The stylus slides easily over the
>> screen (I dabbed some Armor All on the tip as well.) No detrimental
>> effects that i can notice. Well, don't know how long this lasts, but
>> thought I'd pass it on. Try at your own risk. Anyone do this?
>Waitasec - soak? Did you say *soak*? As in, completely immersing your
>Newton in Armor-All? Talk about risking your Newt's life... you could
>have drowned it for good! :)
>Anyways, that sounds like a pretty good idea for the case, but I'd be
>kinda squeamish about putting it on the screen. Remember that one of the
>features of the screen is that it has a "paper-like" texture to it - in
>contrast with the early 100s and 110s and the Palm devices. I'd hate to
>lose that texture - that's one of the reasons I can take all of my
>university course notes on my MP2100.

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