Re: NTLK Necesito ayuda, help!!!!

From: dave's not here (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 11:17:35 EST

At 3:16 PM +0800 1/16/00, Kenny Song wrote:
>Apple's Service dept. may be able to get past it, though. That's where
>I'd start.
>Wouldn't removing ALL POWER reset the Newton back to factory settings?

I believe Kenny is correct. If you remove both batteries from the
Newton for a few seconds (remember, no capacitor in the old machines)
and then replace them, you should wind up with a factory fresh
machine with no password protection or any other data you would have
had on the machine. Of course, he will lose all the data, but he
can't access that now, and I doubt Apple will solve his password
problem and keep the data intact.

However, I know it can be done. I met one of the original WebTV guys.
He happened to be an old Newton guy and had a special, Apple card
that let him get into my machine and reset the password. If you can
find one of those cards...

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