Re: NTLK FS: New (no box) MP 130s!

From: Kenneth Wong (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 23:27:40 EST

The 130 is far slower than a Visor or any known Palm device. It's the same
speed as your eMate and has 2 MB of RAM for storage and 1 PCMCIA card slot.
I'd get one to add to my collection but not for use.

As for footprint, the 130 has no known appendages, so footprints or
handprints of any sort are not available *grin*

(Sorry, I couldn't resist that one...)

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I have several MP2100's, and an eMate. I love Newtons. I also have a

I am unfamiliar with the MP130. I do know that it has backlighting. Could
the 130 be a replacement or substitute for the Visor? How do the footprints
compare? If this is feasible I want to buy one of these.

I would appreciate any comments from 130 users. It would help me decide.

Thanks in Advance,
Bob Adamson

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