NTLK screen protection

From: James Simons (jesimons@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 01:55:21 EST

i've tried both the Wrightrights and a Nu-Shield.. i like the texture of the
WR, but like the easier installation of the Nu-Shield..

what i don't like about the wrightrights,is that when you do remove them,
they pull on the screen..

so, i decided to use both.. install the Nu-Shield, then install the
Wrightright, over it.. being careful of air bubbles, lint, etc.. it works
very well.. and i really don't have to use any more stylus pressure than
before.. and other than the screen impairment that the Wrightright causes, i
can see through it very well..

the WR keeps the Nu-Shield from shifting in the screen slot... and i get the
texture i prefer, and the ease of removal without pulling on the screen..
plus a single Nu-Shield can last for quite awhile.. the tew problems with
the Nu-Shield are, that the edge of the actual film "chips".. it's almost
like the texture coating on the Nu-Shield is de-laminating and the film
itself isn't large enough to completely slip under the edges of the case..
other than that, it's fine.. and we all know the tedious problems with
installing/removing a Wrightright..

if the Nu-Shields only came with a texture like the Wrightrights, it would
be great.. but, until then, i'm going to buy both..

is anyone else doing this? or am i the only one??


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