Re: NTLK Thawing an entire set with one click??

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 05:43:08 EST

on 18-01-2000 8:31, Drew Loker at wrote:

> Start Bar is much like W98s StartBar, one of the few things I like
> about W98 over my Macs.

There is a solution like that for the Mac (GoMac ?) but I think freeware
Finderpop control panel and/or the Applemenu do a better job (without taking
over screen estate, the Win Startbar was an imitation of the Apple menu
anyway, great idea to stick it in the left bottom corner instead of the left
top corner, no ?)

> 4. I took a peek at SAs sight, and found FreezeMan, which I will probably
> register and use, unless somebody knows of a freeware option?

A word of caution here, though I found all of SAS solutions very reliable
I've had bad experiences with FreezeMan (and a lot of other people on the
list in the past)
I would suggest Dan Rowley's NewtCase instead, sells for about $ 30 I think,
has the same function with a lot of even better goodies thrown in (like a
bunch of great scripts) and won't give you the same headaches.

Robert Benschop

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