NTLK Thawing an entire set with one click??

From: Drew Loker (lokerd@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 14:31:51 EST

> >What is the best option for thawing a set of packages all at one time
> >one item is launched. Specifically, there are 16 modules with

>I use DashBoard.

Thanks for the tip. I had actually tried DashBoard the other day, but
decided against using it because:

1. It made me turn off Start Bar AND ButtonBar Plus, from StandAlone.
Startbar in particular is a must have!! I couldn't believe I had to go with
out it. ButtonBar I was willing to sacrifice, and pay for DashBoard, but not
StartBar. Start Bar is much like W98s StartBar, one of the few things I like
about W98 over my Macs.

2. StartBar and ButtonBar are both paid for. Maybe if this weren't the case,
I might be willing to give up StartBar.

3. I try to stick with StandAlone for most system changes. This, in my
expereince has resulted in less confusion when there are problems. Ben at SA
has been able to solve all any problems I have, and they are still providing
support for their products. Which brings me to 4.

4. I took a peek at SAs sight, and found FreezeMan, which I will probably
register and use, unless somebody knows of a freeware option? Freezeman is a
little expensive just to do what I need it to do. In fact, as I write this,
I have just decided to eject the card when not in use!!! I have put it, and
all reading material on a separate card anyway (a new 6mb card I got from
Paul, which is dramatically expanded my software collection in a matter of
days). When I want to read, I will just plug in the card!!! Cool! Problem

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