Re: NTLK Thawing an entire set with one click??

From: Drew Loker (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 15:08:40 EST

>>Start Bar is much like W98s StartBar, one of the few things I like
>>about W98 over my Macs.

>There is a solution like that for the Mac (GoMac)

:( Unfortinately, I am Macless...for the time being. One of these days I
will own a Mac again. My company forced me into a PC 3 years ago. I have
just gradually migrated to PCs, selling my Macs. The Newton is all I own. I
just stuck a big Apple Sticker on the inside of my Newton screen so when I
am proping my Newton up like a tent, the Apple Logo is proudly displayed.

But in all honesty, I have grown to like the PCs. I hate it when they break
and don't work right, and curse at them while singing praises of how I wish
I were on a Mac (for their ease of troubleshooting). The things I do like
are the Alternate Keys, StartBar, QuickLaunch items and Sys Tray. There are
other smaller things I have really grown accustomed to, that perhaps could
be worked out on a Mac these days. Such as Maximize/Minimize/Restore. I wish
PCs had Macs ability to set the size of a window based on how many icons are
in the window. Actually, I have not used anything since Mac OS 8.0. I have
been wanting to play around with 9.0 and now X to see if they copied
anything from W98. Personally, I think Win3.1 sucked compared to Mac. Then,
MS went and came up with some new ideas based on that nifty Mac, and in my
opinion, one uped the Mac as far as GUI goes, especially in W98 with the
desktop better defined. I mean, like right now, I have all 5 programs
running and all visible across the top the page. One of my favorite programs
on the Mac was ApplWindows, allowing you to rotate between open programs
with a user defined key. PCs do this naturally. But having them list across
the top of the screen is even better.

>the Win Startbar was an imitation of the Apple menu
>anyway, great idea to stick it in the left bottom corner instead of >the
>left top corner, no ?)

Actually, on any PC computer I work on, the very FIRST thing I do is move
the StartBar to the top of the screen, trash can to the lower left, and make
shortcuts to my drives and put them in the right top corner. I may not have
a Mac, but it looks like one.

>A word of caution here, though I found all of SAS solutions very >reliable
>I've had bad experiences with FreezeMan

Thanks for the tip!!! Actually, I deleted it yesterday. I figured out a
great way to solve the problem. Just simply stick all of the items in one
folder that I want in a particular set. Then, just go to that folder, select
all, and Thaw (or Freeze)!! WoW!!! Man it works great. I know it isn't
perfect, but it solves the problem in my case, and keeps me from having to
load another extension.

So far, I have all of the Bible extensions in one folder, and all of my
non-essentail extensions in one folder. Now, the next time I want to go to
the web, I am going to first go to the non-essential extension folder, and
freeze everything in it, including SuperNames, DateMan, and SuperNotes, etc.

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