NTLK re: VPC and Newton Synching

From: Brian McEwen (bmcewen@cowboy.net)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 09:56:35 EST

>>VirtualPC runs fairly well on any Mac with 603e and 180MHz or better;
>>the manual for it says it can be used to sync with PDAs. I've not got a
>>windows-related PDA, so I've never tried it.
>>I use VPC a lot at
>>work (B/W G3 on a Novell LAN) and everything is perfect and fast-
>>networking, programs we have a site license for all work, etc. etc. I
>>have my own copy at home on my P6400/180 (603e) and it does pretty well,

>Are you able to synch a Newton using VPC? Are you successfully running MS
>Outlook and LookOut or Outlink on your Mac to synch your Newton with your
>virtual PC?
>Chris Browne
>Auckland, New Zealand

Just in case wires got crossed:
My response was mostly in reply to an individual who said he was going to
have to give up on Mac desktops as he was going to have to buy Palm or
similar and needed to sync. My point was if he had a good Mac he could
still keep the MAc desktop and sync to PDAs needing a Win95 interface,
using VPC.

I have not tried using any of the IBM utils under VPC, to talk to a Newt
connected to the Mac. It likely will work, everything else I've tried
using the emulated IBM serial port has worked just fine. But I have no
need for Outlook or similar, and the sync'ing I've needed to do has all
been possible using Macintosh apps directly.

I don't know anyone using outlook, or I'd give it a try. My workplace is
all LotusNotes (I use the POP3 and IMAP access to the Domino server using
various clients, as I dislike the Notes client).

That's not super helpful, but I hope it helps somehow :) VirtualPC has
$49 student price here in the states, if you know a student in NZ and they
have a similar deal, it might be worth investigating. I REALLY like VPC,
it's a Nice Thing to have around.


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