NTLK NCU and extra entries (was: Re: Software for a MP130)

From: Brian McEwen (bmcewen@cowboy.net)
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 16:12:18 EST

>> Heck even alternate phone #'s and thing you enter into the Names
>>app of NOS itself don't get backed up (according to NCU docs, anyway).

>Eh? Can you reproduce the passage or cite the page number?

hmm, on looking back, it wasn't related to backups where the issue is
mentioned, but in the README file for NCU 1.0, under the section on
EXPORT: (clip follows)

Names, or Name File

o When exporting name cards, phone numbers with the label "Phone" will not be exported unless you change the default field map. NCU currently only exports phone numbers with the labels, "Home," "Work," "Fax," and "Cellular."

o If any name cards have duplicate phone labels (for example, two numbers both use the "Work" label), only the first number with that label is exported. [deleted]

o When synchronizing or importing name cards with Claris Organizer 2.x, only those phone numbers that contain the labels, 'Work', 'Home', 'Fax' & 'Cellular' will transfer. Phone numbers in Claris Organizer using labels other then these will not transfer. ------

Somewhere else I read that "notes" added to the phonebook entries aren't backed up either, but that possibly could have been for some other backup util than NCU (Mobilebackup, or RCU, or something I was reading about).

Anyay I've never had to trust my existing backups, I sure hope everything I think is there, really IS there.

BTW, no one ever answered (that I saw):

DOES NCU back up frozen apps? I've always assumed not.



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