Re: NTLK smalldog styli

From: Geoffrey Klingsporn (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 23:58:24 EST

> so, can anyone confirm that an eMate stylus will fit in a MP2X00, or even
> if there is some way to exchange the writing tip between the two, I would
> love to pick up some for that price, but would like to know if they work
> with my newt before I spend the money.

    The styli are not identical; where the MP2k stylus is all-metal (except
for either tip), the eMate stylus has a plastic barrel, with metal only on
the last inch or so near the tip. The shape is slightly different, as is the
weight and balance of the whole. The writing tips are of the same shape and
material, but are not (as far as I can tell) interchangeable -- they unscrew
from the barrel in different places.

    That said, you can still use the eMate stylus with your MP2k -- not just
with, but "in." The shape and length is just close enough to slide into the
MP2k's pen holder, and it works with the spring-load mechanism, although it
doesn't look quite as seamless while resting in the MP -- it's not flush
with the opening, there is some "air space" (though nothing sticks out
beyond the MP. (Until you asked, I had never tried it!)

    So this sounds like a good deal -- seven bucks never to worry about
breaking or losing a stylus again, as long as you don't mind the slightly
knobby barrel-end of the eMate stylus as it peeks out of the pen-holder...

best // gck

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