NTLK Re: NTLKoff a speeding car

From: kyle.powderly@mindspring.com
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 16:58:35 EST

>>...never put Newton on the roof of your car...

Good advice, and one I usually take, except that my Swiss cheese mind puts stuff down places without even realizing it...swear to God by brain feels like Windows NT running on an 8088 chip sometimes...

Lucky for me when Newt did his triple somersault with a half pike off the car, I knew it within seconds and was able to recover him myself.

Not so lucky with the Palm Pilot Professional I use at work - when I went into my briefcase Friday at the train station to get my gloves out on the way to the car, the Pilot must have popped out of the briefcase at the same time. I did NOT have the password lock enabled at the time, because it was annoying having to tap in the password every time I powered up the unit (10, 12, two dozen times a day).

Had I used the password lock on there, I would stand a better chance of gettting it back because the average person who finds it would not know how to do a hard reset and wipe all the information so they could use it themselves. As mine was - with no protection - Joe (or Jane, to be fair) No-ethics could find the Pilot, start it up, delete the information I have and use it themselves.

Just another reason for all of us to be MUCH more careful with how we all use our handheld computers...should I ever have one again - Newt is still dead and I don't have the money to pay Dr. Newton. Waaaaaah! (as he throws a temper tantrum)
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