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>There is a program by Catamount called Timelock which allows you to configure
>the time lapse
>when the password screen appears between every power on. That way, you
>can set the Newton's security to Every Power On while timelock to within
>2 hrs. This means that as long as your Newt is On with any 2 hour (1 min
>to 12 hrs option ) window, the Password screen is bypassed.

I think thats built in on my 2000?
Keep the Green™
Nope it's not Rich. The built in security only let's you set
1. Every Power On
2. Once a Day
3. Once an Hour
4. Never
Time lock however is intelligent enough to sense when was your last power on. You can then set a time frame which will by pass the password screen.

eg. If you set Every Power On it will mean you need to key in your password every time you wake your Newt, even if it's just 30 seconds ago you put it to sleep.

Now set timelock to 2 hours. This would mean if the Newton was asleep for 2 hours, waking it up will activate the Password Screen. However, if you wake up your Newt at any time within the 2 hour window, the password Screen is by passed making using the Newt often very convenient while offering a level of security higher than perhaps Once a Day or Never.

Kenny Song
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