NTLK Re: FileMaker Newt

From: Mark Rollins (mark@mrollins.com)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 08:05:51 EST

>>I did not see FMPC-Claris.pkg, FMC HelpClaris.pkg or FMPC.DFClaris.pkg among
>>the files on your
> >ftp://ftp.info-newt.com/Database/
>>and also in the new "Recent" folder.
>> ftp://ftp.info-newt.com/Recent/
>> - Bill Davis

I downloaded the (until now) mythical FileMaker Pro companion from the
FTP site.
Unfortunately this is both
a: a time expired demo
b: a package appears to be missing (it doesn't do anything even if the
date is set back)

While poking through the package, I found the following names, perhaps
one of these people can help make this functional or provide info on how to...:

S h a n e A l e x a n d e r
 K a t e M a c G r e g o r
 S t e v e M a r c e k
 B r e n d a n M c C a r t h y
 B o b S t i n e
 D o n W a r r e n
S o f t w a r e Q u a l i t y A s s u r a n c e
 S u e C l a r k
 K e v i n J u n d t
 O w e n M c I n e r n e y
 D o n R o s s
 M i c h a e l W h i t n e y

S p e c i a l T h a n k s T o
 C l a y M c k e l
 C h e u k C h e n g
 K i m B o w d e n
 C h r i s t o p h e r C r i m
 E d E n d y k e
 T o m I d l e m a n
 T o m L l o y d
 B i l l S c h i s s l e r
 t h e F i l e M a k e r P r o t e a m
 t h e A p p l e N e w t o n g r o u p


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