Re: NTLK Re: Backing up with MoreInfo present

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 18:22:06 EST

Hi Ray,

I'm not sure what you're asking here, but I'll give it a shot.

First, MI is not the problem. There is some type of data issue that causes
NCU to disconnect with errors, usually.

For example, in Notes, you have to be really careful to write notes as a
continuous string (using carriage returns between paragraphs), rather than
two or more disconnected paragraphs. The way you sometimes find these
disconnected paragraphs is where the writing seems to stack up, one on top
of the other. the way to solve this is to cut and paste the paragraphs back
together so that they are continuous sentences, and then use returns to
seperate the paragraphs.

Also, in names, occasionally a name card will become corrupted. the nly way
to spot it is to page through all of the cards one-by-one to find the one
(or more) that has weird characters in it. Dlete the bad data and try

I've been using MI for 2 years now with 2 20MB cards in my MP2100. no
problem backing up or syncing to Lotus Organizer 2.1.

So...scrub your data and start over. Try to watch what NCU is backing up at
the time to determine where the data problem is. Investigate, eliminate,
and try again.



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From: Ray Kloss <>
Subject: NTLK Re: Backing up with MoreInfo present
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:44:50 -0500

I got this replay from Chris Browne on my question about backing up
(with NCU to a mac) with MoreInfo. But I didn't get any text other
than my question. Anybody else have ideas?

Ray Kloss

On 1/19/00, Christopher Browne said:
> >I have had problems syncing my 2100 to my Mac (despite huge memory
> >overhead) and understand that my use of MoreInfo may be the problem.
> >Can I freeze MI before backing up? Is the soup the problem? Is there
> >a fix? - I really like the functionality of MI and at A Glance.
>Chris Browne
>Auckland, New Zealand

Ray Kloss


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