Re: NTLK Farallon Etherwave, g4's and crossover cables.

From: NewtonOz (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 18:26:48 EST

Your eM@il from on 1/24/00 3:09 PM said this:

>Hey newton community.
>I got a Farallon Etherwave Card setup for my MP2k. I normally synch to my
>duo, but alas, is 150+ miles away with my brother, while I, unfortunately
>am stuck with his g4.
>It's a rough life.
>And speaking of that roughness--money's too tight for a hub/switch, but I do
>have a crossover cable that I know works.
>1) Is it possible to connect my MP2k to the g4 using the materials I have?
>2) I have tried. If number 1 is yes, then HOW?

It will work if you still have your Newt's ethernet card and a crossover

All need do is this:

Connect the Newt to the G4 with crossover.
Make sure the Newt is plugged into a wall socket. Ethernet eats the
Make sure the Newt is on NEVER SLEEP.
Select Appletalk ON in control strip or chooser.
In Appletalk control panel, select ethernet built-in.
RESTART OR SLEEP the G4. Sleep usually works, but Restart will definitely
Wake up (or wait for the desktop to come back) the G4.
Open NCU.
Do all the stuff you usually do. Dock, backup, jump, play, weep, whatever.

The key is that the G4 will auto go to 100TX, which doesn't work right
over crossover cabling. You need to start up the 10BT device first, which
will auto-negotiate the G4's ethernet to 10BT.

Good luck! If it doesn't work, gimme a call (or one of us at NewtonOz)
and we'll walk you through.

This technique should also work for Blue G3 and iMacs, especially the DV


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