Re: NTLK talking Newton/TonePad

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 10:13:10 EST

Steve Vander Ark wrote:

> Okay, once again I find myself asking a question that I just KNOW I would be
> able to answer for myself if I'd only been paying attention.
> How do I get my Newton 2100 to talk? I know there was a download unsupported
> by Apple--was it called MacInTalk? I found one called that on, I dunno, AMUG
> maybe. I installed it just fine, but since there doesn't seem to be any
> change anywhere on my Newton that I can discover, I'm not sure if that was
> what I was supposed to do. So please, walk me through this.


I think all the necessary packages can be found on NewtonMad, or any mirror,
like in
<>. These are PC based packages
however. I wonder if there is any Macintosh-based NewtonMad mirror somewhere? As
you all know, it's not always easy to get to NewtonMad (the original), so when I
found this mirror on sunder, it became my 'official' NewtonMad site ;-)
However, all packages seem to originate from a DOS based machine, which is, at
time, a bit annoying (like you don't have the full name, as you're limited to 8
chars for the name, the file shows as a generic document, yes, sure I'm using a
file typer for a long time, but that's another operation to perform). Anyway, I
guess you get it. So, if anyone knows of a Mac-based NewtonMad, I'd like to hear
about it.

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