NewtMad mirror Was: (Re: NTLK talking Newton/TonePad)

From: dave's not here (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 11:20:34 EST

At 10:13 AM -0500 1/25/00, Laurent Daudelin wrote:
>however. I wonder if there is any Macintosh-based NewtonMad mirror
>somewhere? As

This is going to sound really pathetic because I don't know what's on
my machine.

If NewtonMad is/was the 300+ MB archive in Taiwan(?) that was up
sporadically and closed more-or-less for good this summer, then I
have that up on a public FTP site at <>. If what I'm
describing isn't a copy of NewtonMad, then I have something else at
that address, and you might want to look at it anyway.

At this point, please do not upload as I don't have time to manage things.

Machine info:

266 iMac 8.6
The archive will eventually move to another IP, but probably not
until spring. It is usually up 24/7, but sometimes we are compressing
video on the machine. Yank all you want, I'm on a 10Mb pipe.

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