RE: NTLK HOW? removing programs.

From: Robert Gray (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 12:22:23 EST

In response to my question about how to remove programs from my MP110/OS1.3

1. Johan Polman wrote:

>Shouldn't be that difficult.....
>tap so you can see the icons (probably in unfiled icons),
>tap the dot near the scroll-arrows, the icons will dissapear and you will
>see a list,
>tap the little box before mahjong and tap the right envelope and choose

This doesn't sound anything like what I see on my Newton (maybe
because I have OS1.3 ???). The Mahjongg icon sits in the extras
drawer. I can't seem to get to any sort of list view.

2. wrote:

>"scrub it" just draw up and down over it 4x and it will be deleted.

I have tried this (a number of times) on the icon in the Extras
drawer, and on the open Mahjongg application. The former just opens
Mahjongg, the latter has no effect except a beep because it 'thinks'
I am trying to move tiles.

I am a 2day old Newton-newby tho' I have been running a Mac network
since 1987.

Maybe there is some very basic step I am missing?

Any other suggestions for getting rid of unwanted apps? Please?

TTFN eh?! * Robert Gray  *
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