Re: NTLK Newton and PB G3

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 13:33:07 EST

Hi Greg,

Welcome to NewtonTalk! Okay, respectively:

1. I *think* so, using a Newton package called Tibet. My understanding is
that the Epson Photo PC digital cameras use the same chipset (Fujitsu) as
the Agfa 1280 and 1680 digital cameras so it *should* work. Tibet is not
supported any longer, and the authors do not respond to email, but both the
package and a registration hack are available on Newton Intelligence
( To access the files, you have to
download the HotLine client software, run it, and connect to .
It doesn't tend to work well with firewalls, and the interface is strange,
but it does work well and the Newton file repository is HUGE!

The Tibet package (not the hack) is also available at

2. If you're using the Palm Desktop, you should probably stick with it since
it is a relabeled Claris Organizer. The syncing details are weird but it
does work (I think one-way only - Newton to Palm Desktop). You have to use
the Claris Organizer file in the Intellilink folder (copy it to a new name),
sync with that empty file, and then open that file for use in Palm Desktop.

The other method of doing this involves (again, I think (PC user)) changing
the creator codes on the Palm Desktop file to Claris Organizer so NCU will
recognize the file to sync with and then back again to Palm Desktop so the
Palm Desktop software will recognize it. This was covered in an email to
the group from Bill Davis in November:
From: Bill Davis <>
To: "NewtonTalk" <>
Subject: Re: NTLK "Sync"ing with Palm Desktop
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 00:16:14 -0600

If you didn't catch it, I'm going FROM Newton NCU TO Palm Desktop ONLY
using the NCU sync function. I don't try to edit the data on the Mac or
move it back. My Newton's always with me; my Mac is not, so I do all input
and editing on the Newton. Ok, so it's really an export, but it's done
using the sync function of NCU instead of the NCU export function so it's
better to call it a sync to avoid confusion. I used it instead of the NCU
Export function because it's a one-step way to go from NCU to PD without
having to do 4 exports from NCU and then 4 merges on PD....but that'll work

Whatever works for you.

I don't think I had to change the creator code of the Palm Desktop file I
chose to sync with, but I might have. Easy enough to do. (Long ago, I
wrote an AppleScript "droplet" to toggle between the PD and the Claris
Organizer creator code:

on open (flist)
        tell application "Finder"
                repeat with theFile in flist
                        if kind of theFile is not "folder" then
                                if file type of file theFile is "JJJS" then
                                        if creator type of file theFile is "POrg" then
                                                set creator type of file theFile to "YSMT"
                                                set creator type of file theFile to "POrg"
                                        end if
                                end if
                        end if
                end repeat
        end tell
end open

or you could use ResEdit or any of the myriad file-info editor tools out
there to change the creator code between YSMT and POrg. (YSMT is Claris
Organizer's creator code)

And I _have_ heard a few folks say they are synching both ways successfully.
  I've also heard people warn against syncing certain things, especially for
dates or repeating dates.

Since I know my data is not yet in perfect shape for bidirectionaly
synching, I don't do that yet. I'll have to do a LOT of cleanup before it
has a chance of working...and there may be other problems, especially if you
then go from Palm Desktop down to a Palm PDA (which I have also done as an
experiment, to see how well it worked.)

But an export (as you do) or an NCU to PD outgoing-only sync to a new file
works adequately and is a great way to have access to your data on your Mac
for safety, in case your Newton is lost. (I'd hate to get stuck with just
the NCU backup files and no Newton! I'm lucky to have a spare 2100...but
what happens if my MEMORY CARD is damaged until I can get a new one?) You
can also export in other formats and import into other organizer programs on
the Mac or PC, of course. EVERYBODY should do this. Even if it's not a
perfect sync, at least you'll have SOME of your data in a more usable form
than NCU backup files!

  - Bill

Lotus Organizer 2.1 on the PC (of all things) probably has the best Newton
sync available.

Consultant, AFAIK, does not sync with the Newton.

3. ..good modem for the Newton...hmmm...I use a Megahertz XJ4336 and it
works flawlessly, others use the Megahertz 56K modems and like the speed,
but hate the power useage. Any Megahertz modem is a good bet. Make sure
and get an XJack dongle to lug around.

4. No way that I am aware of to transfer the email from the Newton to the
Mac, but most of the POP3 email clients for the Newton have the option to
leave the email on the server so you can pull it down using another email
client later. Would that work?

I hope this helps...



----Original Message Follows----
From: Greg <>
To: "Newton" <>
Subject: NTLK Newton and PB G3
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 12:49:16 -0800

Hello all. I'm new to this list and own the MP2100. I've used the MP2100
sparingly and have been pleased with it. I just recently purchased the
Powerbook G3 Wallstreet 300. I'm hoping that I can use both machines to
compliment each other. I have several questions:
1. Can I download photos from my Epson Photo PC digital camera to my
2. What's a good PIM that can be used on both machines. Currently I'm
using Palm Desktop but have been interested with Consultant(can either
work with the Newton?).
3. Suggestions on a good modem for the Newton.
4. I currently use Claris Emailer on my PBG3 and save most of the
messages received. If I use the Newton on the road to retrieve messages
is there a way to transfer them to the PBG3?

Any more suggestion(s) on how I can use my PBG3 and MP2100 with each
other I would appreciate any advice. TIA.


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