Re: NTLK Is there a Newton Emulator?

From: David Arnold (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 06:56:42 EST

-->"Rene" == Sedney, Rene <> writes:

  Rene> One thing we need for the Newton is an Emulator. Imagine if
  Rene> you lose your newton, or it just stops working, etc. You
  Rene> would be completely lost for days or weeks until you get
  Rene> myself another Newton.

uh huh.

  Rene> However, you would still be able to use the data if there
  Rene> existed an Emulator. There exist a Palm Emulator but no
  Rene> Newton Emulator.


  Rene> Question: Is it legal to make an emulator? What do you
  Rene> think of a Newton Emulator - is it useful

yes, it's legal (at least in Australia ;-)

and i think it's a fine idea. sadly, it's also hard. but, i've been
working on it.


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