Re: NTLK Is there a Newton Emulator?

From: David Arnold (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 07:01:03 EST

-->"Harri" == Harri Hohteri <> writes:

  Harri> How about NewtonScript virtual machine?

the VM is pretty useless with the soups/stores architecture which is
so much a part of the newton.

and then, the all the prototypes which are used by existing programs
are needed so they can run.

and by this stage, you are basically re-implementing a whole lot of
the ROM code.

but that's ok ...

>> A newton emulator would be extremely useful, for development, and
>> testing apps, and lots of things. But it would be difficult to
>> write, due to the unknown nature of the internals, as well as
>> stuff like the HWR.

very true. of course, that is almost hidden from an application, so
it can be circumvented at the program level. it's just the user that
misses out on the ability to do nice, nearly realtime hwr.

but i'm hoping that with the recent availability of open hardware in
the PDA class, that a research project will choose to release their
algorithms as free software, and we can use that ...

>> I've often thought about working on one... but no time and its a
>> hard uphill battle.

that's the killer :-(

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