Re: NTLK Connection...

From: Leland Jory (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 09:14:54 EST

> Ethernet support requires NIE 2.0 which only runs on 2.1 Newtons so
> unfortunatley no ethernet support on your 130.
> Kate

> > Can I use "LocalTalk" cables to connect my Newton to my G3 Desktop? I'm
> thinking no... Cuz I can't get it to work.

Actually, if you mean the "LocalTalk" cables that connect to the printer
port on your Mac and the serial port on your Newt, then the answer is: Yes.
I am currently using a LocalTalk cable to connect my PM5200 and my MP130.

Not sure what is causing the problem you're having. Check the cable
connections (are they firmly plugged in, and into the right port?). Set
AppleTalk to use the Printer Port and select "Connect via: AppleTalk" on the
Newt. That should work.

Just my $0.02CDN.

Leland Jory
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