NTLK Fw: about your amazing backtalk product; we need more!

From: Evgueni A. Natalenko (adam@spb.cityline.ru)
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 12:29:41 EST

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From: Robert Ellison <papillo@smartdogsw.com>
To: Evgueni A. Natalenko <adam@spb.cityline.ru>
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Subject: Re: about your amazing backtalk product; we need more!

> > > The software subsystem implements IrLAP and IrLMP, and a very limited
> > > form of IAS.
> >
> > Can you shortly describe what limitations newton's version of IAS have?
> I wrote a new HTML document just for you. :-) See:
> http://www.smartdogsw.com/backtalk/whitepaper.shtml
> > > Unfortunately, the software subsystem is somewhat incomplete and has a
> > > number of bugs which can make it difficult or impossible to implement
> > > the higher-level protocols. I've implemented a limited version of
> > > TP, but it is possible to send a valid Tiny TP stream at the Newton
> > > will confuse it. (Fortunately, this particular Tiny TP stream cannot
> > > appear in IrOBEX if the initial credit is 1, which we asserted for the
> > Newton.)
> >
> > What do you mean when you said "I've implemented a limited version of
> > TP"? Does it mean that main problem was in bugs of newton's system
> > and valid Tiny TP stream crashing or confusing newton's hardware during
> > backtalk development testing? Can you shortly describe the problem? It
> > be interesting for me personally and for all community
> The Newton's built-in hardware does not indicate packet boundaries,
> which you must know to properly implement Tiny TP (as the first byte of
> each packet is significant to Tiny TP).
> In our ObEx stack, it's possible for us to determine from the data
> stream itself where the packet boundaries are. This may not be possible
> with other protocols.
> > > IrCOMM is another exciting protocol. We haven't determined yet
> > > the protocol can be implemented on the Newton; but we'll try every
> > > we can to make it happen.

> Best regards,
> Bob

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