Re: NTLK Problems with 2100

Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 07:23:00 EST

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>Betreff: NTLK Problems with 2100
>Datum: 31. Jan 2000 07:01
> Hi!
> I am having some difficulties with my MP 2100 right now. I'm getting
> -48013 error now and then.
Error description is : Soup Index does not exist
Question: do you delete something manually ?(package or with soup
> I'm also having problems creating new name cards. When I tap the
> to create a new name card, I end up in a already existing name card,
> if I succed getting through this, the new name card is not possible
> find anywhere in my Newton!
> I've erased and reinstalled everything twice already. I want to use
> Newton, not to erase and reinstall all the software all the time :(
How do you backup and restore ? Card-Backup, NCU ?
Do you try to do a selective restore, because it seems you are
restoring your error as well.

> When I have erased my Pretec 16Mb card and made a hard reset on my
> Newton, and I managed to reinstall everything I need, the Newton is
> telling me that the card is formatted in a different language, and
> asking me if I want to update it or not. When I select updat, the
> just freeze and I have to make a soft reset to make it work again,
> then the Newton is asking me once again if I want to update this
> card...
How much free space do you have on card and internally.
Do you change the locale in the newton e.g. for having other date
> H e l p !!
> If you can do a fresh backup (no incremental)
  try an export of all important data to txt,csv
> By the way, I'm using MoreInfo, and most of the SilverWare products
> the Newton.
contact Silverware, may be the know the error situation
> /Peter Edwardsson
Good luck
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