Re: NTLK Ntlk Simplemail Problem

From: Franz-Josef Esser (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 14:00:26 EST

I have had the same problem. I know there were several messages in the inbox of the server, because I later downloaded it to Outlook. I assumed that it is a problem with marking mail which is read and which is new. I have send a new mail from another account, but it was still not detected.
Please remember that this version is still a beta version, and that the author needs a detailed description of the circumstances and the environment in which the errors occured.
I want to thank Simon Bell at this place for continuing development on a dead platform. I like it very much to read my mail in train or underground, between two dates without fighting against the heavy weigth and big dimensions of a notebook. I am preparing an hopefully useful bug report
Best regards
I've just downloaded the latest version of Simplemail and appear to be
having difficulties.

It worked fine for awhile, however now its started connecting to my
mailbox and simply going no further. Eventually however it does disconnect
without downloading anything.

I know mail is waiting to be collected because Eudora seems to handle it

I deleted the old version of Simplemail. Has anyone else had problems?


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