Re: NTLK .PKGs on my mac..

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 01:46:48 CDT

>i have 6100/66 with 7.5, NCU 1.0.. connecting on the modem port..
>when i go to install a .pkg, it isn't in the finder.. and, i can't install
>any packages thru NCU.. even if i drag the icon to NCU..
>when i bring up a "kinds" view, it tells me that all the .PKGs are
>"appletalk" files. is this a problem with the chooser or appletalk??
>what is wrong??
>is there a way that i can change the file associations?

You might want to try re-building your desktop, by restarting and holding
down Option and Command, until you see the 'Are you sure you want to
rebuild the desktop?' Message.

Ben Doughney

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