Re: NTLK Books on Screen

From: Ray Kloss (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 20:55:34 CDT

on 4/27/00 8:12 PM, peter brigg at wrote:

> I have not been a user of Newtonbooks on my 2100 but i should like to
> begin. Is there a software/shareware/freeware that makes the book fill
> the screen, as mine seems to be occupying only the centre? Or is that a
> factor of the particular book I am trying?

The books are formatted for a particular resolution. The ones you are
looking at are formatted for the 120. The source file has to be used to
compile a new book for the 2x00 series to get it to fill the whole screen.
You can download texts from online and format them yourself with Newton
Press. It should be available free on the web.

Ray Kloss


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